Natural Bathroom Cleaner 500ml


Natural Bathroom Cleaner 500ml NBC500

A cleaner and deodorizer


NATURAL BATHROOM CLEANER is an effective bathroom cleaner for use in showers, floors, toilets, baths and basins. It has a eucalyptus fragrance, leaving a refreshing scent after the cleaning process. It also contains additives to effectively remove scale deposits and clean grime as well.

Product Benefits


Water base

Based on plant origin components

Low Toxicity

Effective, concentrated cleaner


Non-ionic Surfactant:

Citric Acid, Hydroxyacetic acid:

Natural based Alcohol:

Eucalyptus Essential Oil:

Directions for Use

Use as is in toilets, showers and bins.

For general cleaning purposes, dilute product to the same amount of water. Wipe or scrub onto surface to clean. Rinse off if necessary.

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