Natural Dish Wash Liquid


Natural Dish Wash Liquid NDW500
  • Natural Dish Wash Liquid 500ml.- is fragrance free and concentrated. Gentle on your hands.
  • Description NATURAL DISHWASH is a highly concentrated, pH neutral detergent for the cleaning of dishes and cutlery. It is Fragrance Free Product Benefits 100% Biodegradable Low Toxicity Hypo-allergenic Non-corrosive Concentrated Composition: Anionic Surfactants: <30% Amphoteric Surfactants: 5 – 15% Sodium Gluconate, Sodium Chloride: <5% Directions for Use For general cleaning purposes, dilute 1 in 200 parts water (or use 5mls per 5Ltre wash water). Add to a sink of warm water and proceed with the washing of dishes. In order to save energy and water, soak dishes in water rinsing under the tap and respect the advised recommended quantities. An efficient wash does not mean lots of foam.
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