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Naturally Good Natural & Eco-Friendly Products

Natural Auto Dishwasher Powder
Khoi Hand & Body Wash
Natural Kick-start box
Natural Hand Sanitiser

As people become more aware of their environment, there has been an ever-growing need for natural, but quality cleaning products.

Naturally Good is a South African based company, whose core business is supplying natural & eco-friendly products and sourcing safe solutions for our clients.

Our MISSION is to promote a healthy lifestyle, and making a difference to our environment through our locally manufactured Naturally Good products.

Why the Khoisan branding?

The Khoisan drawing was taken from the fertility cave in Gifberg on the West Coast. To us it is like birthing an awareness of appreciating what our indigenous tribes offer.

  • You can’t get more natural than them.
  • To celebrate our natural heritage and their culture in respect of their natural healing and cleansing.
  • We use the Khoisan ingredients in all our personal care products and in some of our cleaning products where possible.
  • We would like South Africans to be proud of their culture by educating them more about these indigenous ingredients.

Designing products with a purpose, to make you and the earth happy!

Stay-Safe Box

Packed with our most popular home cleaning products to keep you and your family safe.

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