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Two sisters, Glenda Pieters and Charlene Liedeman were made aware of the dangers of toxic chemicals in everyday cleaning products by their nephew, a young, qualified chemist. With the help of their nephew, they developed and tested some natural products and, upon seeing the response of their families and friends, they decided to start a company selling plant-based or biodegradable eco-friendly products. The products are locally developed and manufactured, cost effective and versatile.

Naturally Good’s goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle through the support of our natural and eco-friendly cleaning products and make people aware of the harmful chemicals that have the potential to pollute the environment and cause damage to our physical bodies and our health. Through their range of products they hope to change the industry and business’ mind-sets to “go green” and provide  their clients with products that will not be harmful to the health of the planet and the people who use them.

The products are designed with the intention of being effective care and cleaning solutions that are gentle on skin, even for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

Our Natural Product Range does not contain:

Non-biodegradable ingredients

-all our products are ultimately biodegradable within 28 days.


Phosphates may be great at cleaning but when in aquatic systems, they cause unnatural algae build up and subsequent poisoning of fresh water systems.

Instead of phosphates, we use a blend of citrates, gluconates and silicates that do not cause havoc in our environment.

Nonyl phenol ethoxylates

Nonylphenol ethoxylates are a commonly used surfactant (soap) used in the South African Market. Its metabolites mimic estrogen and causes hormonal imbalances in aquatic systems. As an alternative, we use plant derived surfactants such as polyglucosides and betaines.

Petroleum based solvents, surfactants and soaps

Our raw materials are derived from plant (renewable) resources and not from petroleum industry. Even the alcohol we use in our cleaners comes from Sugarcane.

Harsh Mineral Acids

We do not use traditional, hazardous mineral acids (Hydrochloric Sulphuric, Nitric) in our descaling and scum removing products. We use more gentle yet effective acids such as Glycolic, Citric or Lactic Acid.

Chlorine (aka Bleach/Sodium Hypochlorite)

As an alternative to toxic chlorine, we use peroxide which is one of nature’s best stain removers and is also colour safe. Peroxide immediately breaks down into Oxygen and water once it does its job.


–A carcinogenic preservative and disinfectant

Known cancer causing (carcinogenic) agents

Coco Diethanolamide (CDE) a commonly used foaming agent in personal care products. It is already banned in California but very common in South African market.


– EDTA is a commonly used water softener that improves detergent performance but show poor biodegradability in natural environments, thereby negatively affecting the balance in aquatic systems. We use Citrates and Gluconates as an environmentally friendly alternative to EDTA.

The products are natural or eco-friendly and have no negative effect on the environment and are safe for people and animals. They actively promote re-cycling of the bottles and containers

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between your natural & eco-friendly range?
A. Our natural range is made up of all plant based ingredients. Or Eco range is part plant & part non-plant but the product is biodegradable and non-harmful.

2. Do you make your own products?
A. No, we have a contract chemist, who manufactures it at his factory. These products have been researched and developed with great care. He will not touch any product that his harmful to him or the environment.

3. Why the different colours and is it safe?
A. We use the colours to differentiate between the products. Our colours are natural food colours. Keep the products out of direct sunlight because it will fade unlike synthetic dyes.

4. I see you have Sodium Laureth Sulphate in your Natural Dish Wash & Hand Wash.
A. The grade we use (brand: Texapon N70) is based on plant raw materials and is on Nordic and EU Ecolabel safe list.  This product does not contain any free Ethylene Dioxide – which MAY be carcinogenic (no evidence but a scare tactic) unlike CDE/Coco diethanolamide in many products. This is the foaming agent. However, we can offer a 5L sulphate free dish wash and 5L sulphate free hand wash with lemongrass.

5. Do you recycle?
A. Yes we do. We would like our clients to return their 5L containers if possible. Our containers and packaging are all made in South Africa and can be recycled.

6. How long have these products been in the market?
A. In December, we will be 5 years old as Naturally Good. Our products have been scrutinised and accepted by Sustainability Institute and other green companies.

7. What about competition?
A. We are happy when more trusted products enter the market especially local companies. Our aim is to protect our people & planet and make natural & eco-friendly products affordable to everybody. Once you use it, you will discover the value in the product.

8. Does it contain any animal products?
A. No, it is vegan. Our ingredients are also not tested on animals.