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Naturally Good Natural & Eco-Friendly Products

Our Story

Product with a purpose

Glenda and Charlene have always had a passion for environmental education since starting out as educators.  In 2010 they started Naturally Good. 

Their vision: to inspire the mindsets of industries and businesses to “go green” because sustainability and the well being of our planet is what they hold close to their hearts.

They started with testing a few natural products and shared them with their family and friends.  The response was so positive, these two sisters  decided to start a company selling plant-based and biodegradable eco-friendly products. The products are locally developed and manufactured, cost effective and versatile. 

Furthermore, with the growing cost of living, it is essential that Naturally Good products remain affordable for anyone wanting to purchase more sustainable and health-conscious cleaning and self-care products. Starting their business from a small home office, they work to create healthier, eco-friendly and natural products that are affordable, good for you and good for the environment.