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Anti-Bac Sanitiser



Anti-Bac Sanitiser is a natural, powerful multi-purpose environmentally friendly chemical free sanitiser that is safe for humans & the environment. The hypochlorous acid has the lethal power , like alcohol & chlorine, to kill viruses and bacteria effectively. Spray to clean sinus, use as face cleanser, tooth brushes and  surfaces. Non-alcohol. 5L plus 3 empty spray bottles.


  • Effective Surface cleaner
  • Fog your room, building or car
  • Does not remove paintwork on your machines.
  • Sanitises and extends the shelf life of fruit & vegetables
  • Kills viruses, bacteria & other pathogens
  • Safe for humans, animals & environment
  • Made up of 99,69% water
  • Science & Nature in Harmony


Eco Fresh is harmless to humans & animals and will NOT cause major damage if small amounts are consumed.

If irritating eyes – flush with water

If irritating skin – Wash skin with soap & warm water

If ingested – drink cool fresh water.

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