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Envirofresh Enzyme (Ready-to-use & Concentrate)


  • 100% biodegradable
  • non-toxic
  • highly active bacterial cultures
  • multipurpose use
  • good stability and shelf life
  • excellent deep cleaner
  • effective odour control
  • degrades dirt, complex proteins, body fluids, oils and starches.
  • for fat traps, urinals & drains

Our ENVIROFRESH ENZYME is a multipurpose biological cleaner and organic waste digester. It is made up of a synergistic blend of enzymes, bacteria and surfactants that effectively digests organic residues and waste in bathrooms, kitchens, carpets, mortuaries and refuse areas, to name a few.

By degrading these residues it also eliminates the cause of bad odours.

Available in 500ml ready-to-use, as well as 500ml & 5L concentrates.

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500ml, 500ml Concentrate, 5L Concentrate