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Natural Dishwash


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  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Gentle on hands and grey water safe
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Non-corrosive
  • Concentrated
  • We used certified plant based ingredients which is gentle on your hands.

Our NATURAL DISHWASH is a highly concentrated, pH neutral detergent for the cleaning of dishes and cutlery. It is  Fragrance Free .  Directions for Use  Add  about 5ml to a 5L sink of warm water and proceed with the washing of dishes .Tip: Pour 5ml  on a sponge and wash dishes. An efficient wash does not mean lots of foam.

We do have a natural lemongrass & kraalbos fragranced  Natural Dish Wash as well. The kraalbos is a natural anti-bacterial & anti-fungal ingredient.


  • Anionic Surfactants:                                    <30%
  • Amphoteric Surfactants:                              5 – 15%
  • Sodium Gluconate, Sodium Chloride:             <5%

Cautions Even though the product is considerably less harmful than traditional detergents, general safety should still be adhered to, such as:

  • Do not ingest the product
  • Do not mix with other detergents
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500ml, 5L