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Natural Oxygen Bleach Powder



A non-chlorine bleach powder for stain removal and disinfecting.

Available in 1kg and 5kg.


OXYGEN BLEACH POWDER is a non-chlorine bleach that uses the power of oxygen to kill bacteria as well as removing stains from hard surfaces and fabrics. It can also be used in laundries for brightening white and coloured fabric as this is a colour-safe bleach. Unlike chlorine bleach, OXYGEN BLEACH rapidly degrades into water and oxygen into the environment, leaving behind no harmful substances. Add half teaspoon to your dishwasher tablette or powder for a cleaner, sparkling wash.


Product Benefits

100% Biodegradable

Low Toxicity



No synthetic fragrances or dyes



Sodium Percarbonate,

Directions for Use

For general disinfecting and stain removing purposes add 10grams  per 1Lt of water. More effective with warm water


Even though the product is considerably less harmful than traditional detergents, general safety should still be adhered to, such as:

Store in cool dry place and in a tightly sealed container, away from liquids.

Do not ingest the product

Do not mix with other detergents

Weight 1 kg

Natural Oxygen Bleach Powder 1kg, Natural Oxygen Bleach Powder 5kg

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