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Naturally Good Natural & Eco-Friendly Products

Stay Safe Box


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With so many people feeling anxious about hygiene, we have an amazing offer for you.

Helping you stay safe from COVID-19

These products are all natural, highly effective and so versatile. It was designed to look after your health and the Earth. You will simply love it!

Product from left to right:

  1. 250ml Spray bottle for the Eco Fresh – Dilute Eco Fresh 1 to 3 parts water
  2. 250ml Eco Fresh Sanitiser Concentrate – All surfaces and Fruit & Veg Wash
  3. 500ml Natural Bathroom Cleaner – Cleans & disinfects all surfaces
  4. 1kg Oxygen Bleach Powder – kills germs in laundry (all colours)
  5. 250ml Natural Hand Wash -Lemongrass & Tea Tree
  6. 250ml Hand Sanitiser 65% alcohol

We supply in 1L and 5L /kg as well. A great gift for somebody special.

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