Titanium Car Wash


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A unique car / bus wash and wax for designed professional use


TITANIUM WASH is a highly concentrated, environmentally friendly car wash and wax that gives a superior clean and gloss to vehicle surfaces.  This product contains a special, aircraft grade wax that leaves behind a superior shine as well as excellent paint protection.

Product Benefits


Low Toxicity

Non Flammable


Superior to standard car wash and wax products

Directions for Use

For general cleaning purposes, dilute 1 in 200 parts water.

Apply via a foamer, spraying unit or manually. Work product onto car/bus surface via cloth and rinse off with clean water.


Even though the product is considerably less harmful than traditional detergents, general safety should still be adhered to, such as:

Do not ingest the product

Do not mix with other detergents

In case of contact with eyes, flush with copious amounts of water for 10 minutes. Seek medical attention if an irritation persists.


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